We’re sorry to say but our season has come to an end. Thank you all for you business

About our Farm Stand

 George and Betty Stafford started selling local produce in Davidsonville along the side of Rt. 424 the year their daughter Margie was born; 57 years ago. George was one of the first farmers to raise Silver Queen. His motto was always pick corn early in the morning and sell it the same day or throw it away. All of George and Betty's children were involved in the business; some preferred doing field work instead of working with the consumers. There was a job for all four of the children.

Bob Chase had been selling produce in front of his parents house on Patuxent River Rd. since he was 10 years old. When Margie and Bob got married in 1979 they joined the Stafford family business. In 1987, George and Betty moved to FL that's when Bob and Margie took over sole ownership; known now as Chase's Produce. In 1993, Bob transitioned the roadside wagon to an on the farm stand; still using the same wagon and sometimes the same tractor that George had.

Chase's Produce is open seasonally, seven days a week bringing you fresh sweet corn, homegrown tomatoes, cantaloupes, watermelons, squash, green beans, peppers, cucumbers, egg plants and much more. In the Fall of 2015, Bob decided to open a U-Pick Strawberry operation as a way to expand the business and bring in new customers. The farm stand is located on Rt. 424 one mile south of Rt. 50 on the right; between Rutland Rd. and Galway Rd.