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 Leilani A Fields reviewed Chase's Produce5 starSeptember 5 · We  pass this stand all the time as we visit our friends..... stopped by  for fresh green beans for our baby ��.... he just loves them.  Picked up  the best seedless watermelon, tomatoes, corn and squash!   Yummy!  We  love fresh veggies.... must stop!  

LeeAnn Roberts reviewed Chase's Produce5 star

May 7 · A  fun, easy and pretty effortless experience! The strawberry plants are  big, fruitful, sweet and easy to pick from.  And the checkout process  was a breeze. Thank you Chase's!  

Jill Claire reviewed Chase's Produce5 star

May 20 · I  definitely did not dress properly the first time but I still had so  much fun picking strawberries. They're sweet and have a beautiful color  to them! I was surprised at how big they are! We had fun. We might make  it a weekly thing.   

Sasha Hannibal reviewed Chase's Produce5 star

May 19 · The best strawberries I've ever had! The staff was so helpful and kind as well. Definitely coming here again.  

Jes Shughrue reviewed Chase's Produce5 star

May 27 · Brought  my nanny kids, 2 & 5, yesterday for the first time. As it was the  end of the season I wasn't sure what we would find but the boys had a  great time picking! We were lead to a row and picked our way to the end  for about 4lbs worth of strawberries. Staff was very nice and polite and  even check on us to see if we were having luck finding any.  

September 3 · We  love this place! Our family has a wonderful time when we visit. Farmer  Bob and his wife are so friendly and the staff is very helpful! We love  berry picking here and picking up produce from the farm stand!  

Colleen Bitner reviewed Chase's Produce5 star

May 15 · We  went to pick strawberries today and had a WONDERFUL time. The staff was  very helpful and polite. They walked us to the row to pick and  explained their procedures well to us and were very kind and sweet to my  4 year old. She absolutely loved berry picking and wants to go back.  The strawberries we picked were so sweet and delicious.  

May 15 · Finally  went on Mother's Day and am extremely glad we did. The strawberries  were plentiful and delicious. $10 And about 30 minutes, it's a fun  outing for the family.  

Barbara Donlon reviewed Chase's Produce5 star

May 23 · We went last week and the selection was great! The strawberries were delicious! � can't wait to go back next year!  

May 18 · The farmer was helpful and they were maybe the best strawberries we ever had!!  

Vanessa La Due reviewed Chase's Produce5 star

May 23 · Minus  the wetness from the rain, we had a wonderful time. Their strawberries  are absolutely scrumptious.. sweet and soft. I can't wait to see what's  next from them. Thanks Chase's Produce!!